Vision to Implementation

Vision to Implementation

A vision of the future state is important because if you can’t see yourself living in the future, can’t see a world where your product, your service, your idea is necessary then you don’t know where you’re headed. It’s a bit like setting out on a journey without a map, you’ll get some place and you might even like to where you’ve got but you won’t know how you got there, you won’t know what tell others who might want to join you and you’ll probably struggle with a return journey.

What to do to Implement Your Vision

  1. Start by creating a vision for the future by first of all knowing where you are now and answering the question; why am I here at the present place and position in life, how did I arrive at this present place?
  2. Create your strategy; make it simple and clear by saying where you’re going and by when you will arrive
  3. Develop the (business) plan; describe just how you are going to go about it, again clarity is the order of the day
  4. Develop the teams and individuals; don’t forget about your own development either, this can be overlooked
  5. Go ahead and do it!

STRATEGY;          from STRATOS meaning an army & AGEIN meaning to lead

What is Poor Leadership

Believing that you can make the world fit your needs is a big mistake, the world is larger, much, much larger than you or your dreams will ever be.

Work life balance is totally skewed to work and you don’t exercise clear boundaries between the two. If you work from home, create an office space that can be closed for the time you’re not working and keep it that way.

If you believe your answers to life’s problems are the best then you are in danger of believing your own hype.

Being intolerant to dissent will lead to isolation, your isolation that is not everybody else’s.

Even if you have great charisma but provide little in the way of substance will be a recipe for disaster in the long term. Nobody will believe you are able to do things you say you can.

The biggest contributor to poor leadership is underestimating the nature and size of obstacles to success and then to use those tested and proved tactics from the past.

How do you get it right?

Be passionate, you’ll see plenty of people on the any number of reality business themed programs all saying how they are passionate about their business. This cannot be overstated enough, be passionate about what you do.

Convey convictions, and be positive. These are two traits of true leaders and those engaged in the pursuit of success.

Engage individuals by tailoring your style to each person. Everyone is unique and wants to be treated as special and nothing says you’re special more than treating people with respect and individuality.

Be inclusive and draw-in the outsiders. It’s the outsiders who will contribute ideas of a different nature who will through light onto those unseen places that you haven’t even thought about looking at.

Excite others by being excited and living your vision.

Be fully aware of the size and nature of the task ahead, of the obstacles, of the better tactics you will need and the improved approaches you will need to achieve your goals.

Strategic Planning

“The nice thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise and is not preceded by a prolonged period of worry!” John Preston; Boston College

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