About FINNA Project

FINNA is roughly translated as meaning contentment, or finding yourself.

Essentially therefore FINNA means just this:  Being truthful with yourself but within this blog it is specifically concerned with the readers search for success.  Success can be measured in many ways, not least financial but this is felt to be the crudest and least informative measure of success.  Real success is about happiness, contentedness, finding yourself.  To do this you need a plan, a starting point, and ending point (although this will change over time) and all of the bits inbetween.

I favour the business environment but the lessons provided, the comments made and the content included can be used and applied in all walks of life.  If success is measured by contentment then why not apply the logic to your private or personal life and dealings, it makes perfect sense I guess.

During the blog several themes will be developed;

  1. The idea of being thankful for what others have done
  2. People first
  3. Women are important as people with buying powder
  4. The average of your potential market is getting older
  5. Great, fantastic, awsome products that fulfil and thrill
  6. Price elasticity and pricing strategies
  7. The essential ida of breaking life plans down into manageble chunks
  8. Strategy is doing

I truly hope you find the bolg posts useful and helpful.