Ignore the Haters

Don’t try to convert the haters, ignore them they ain’t worth the effort!

As a phrase its self explanatory really but I saw it on the @marketing Twitter feed and just thought how brilliant it was to read something so plain and obvious in our days of complexity.

Of course where ever you may be on your journey of change, at the very beginning trying to figure out where you are or some place between there and your dream state I can guarantee that you will meet some people who will want nothing more than to see you fail. And not just fail a little bit but the more spectacular the better for them. These people are the haters and as the phrase so eloquently puts it ignore them, they mean nothing to you and if you do give them time they will bring you down with their negativity.

Haters will do whatever they can to destroy and diminish what you have and are trying to achieve. They will see you as an enemy, an adversary even (if they’re clever enough to think like that which in most case they’re not). They will try to use the language of small, mostly because they have small minds, small imaginations and live in very small worlds. You on the other hand will represent big, big dreams, big horizons and big change. The polarised opposite of everything they want to be. Its a threat to their very being but don’t be deterred from your aims and objectives by these people.

Big Thinking

If you’re thinking about your business and you’re thinking big then how big should this be?

Answer; as big as possible!

Most business models are based on improving what the business is already doing. There’s nothing wrong with doing what you do well and being efficient in production and service methods. I encourage Lean Management at every opportunity, its just good sense to keep waste to a minimum and productivity at a maximum. But this still falls into the small thinking bracket for me, there’s nothing new about this way of thinking.

Some businesses try to develop what they’re doing by stretching their services and products into associated fields of business. Again nothing wrong with this way of thinking, this is building on capacities and capabilities so that the overall business risk is spread. Still though, I still see this in the small thinking bracket. There’s still nothing new. Of course there will be new to the business and teams of people there-in but in the wider picture still nothing new going on.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us with the problem of what is big thinking.

In this case FINNA Project says that big thinking for a business is about making a business that’s a success in business terms that presently doesn’t exist. Now that is big.

Elon Musk has been involved in several major new businesses. Space-X is just one of his businesses and he dared to dream that he could have a company that provides commercial space travel. He did it. Space-X has a contract to supply the ISS and NASA pays them to deliver.

Right, so why not just copy him, copy Space-X only do it better. Well yes that would be a pretty tough challenge but its already been done. The true big thinker will dream of businesses that will be of value in the future not copy what is already happening.

Okay, so you haven’t a clue where to start. Ask yourself if Elon Musk knew what he wanted to do when he was a young man leaving South Africa to avoid being called-up to the SA Army. I don’t think he did but he did dare to dream. All you have to do is start from the premise that your future self, your future team and your future business must be able to provide products and services that are of value and will be wanted.

But, and I add you will come up against many who will think that you are mad at best and will be destructive against you and your plans at worst. You must be ready for them and be very prepared to actively ignore the haters.

Your plans, your team, your business, all important. The future and how you add value is big stuff to think about. But if you want a monopoly on you and your business then you are going to have to meet this very tough challenge and dream big.

Thank you very much for reading this blog post and if you have any comments please feel free.


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