Human Potential is the Only Potential

The single most greatest waste in industry is the waste of human potential.

Those who are untrained will contribute little and cost relative to their output a great deal.

Those who are trained but not engaged (encouraged and allowed to think and contribute) will contribute little and cost relative to their output a great deal.

Those who are trained, supervised and encouraged to contribute to solutions will make a difference, a big difference.  BUT you have to trust, you have to encourage, you have to allow failure, you have to take the blame for failure, and you have to reward success.


The Method

  1. Be Respectful, regardless of social background, position, ethnic identity, faith expressed, sexual preferences and orientation
  2. Provide positive feedback, explain how customers have expressed satisfaction in the job done and delivered
  3. Allow time and space for those engaged in the work to suggest and try ways of improving the work, train for leadership
  4. Provide support, mentor and coach staff
  5. Put people in a position where they have the best opportunity to succeed
  6. Don’t set-up pressures that discourage helpfulness such as putting units in competition with each-other
  7.  Provide support for those who encourage others

The more you apply these ideas in the workplace the more you will find you derive from them. The more you will understand motivations and the inter-connectivity of your teams.

Attempting to change organisations by working alone is likely to result in no change or worse still making matters worse. Attempting to change an organisation by using the collective minds will only provide a more cohesive and unified approach to reaching for improvements.



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