Is Blogging Writing?

Is Blogging Writing?

I’ve been a blogger for the last 3 years and haven’t looked back since starting.

FINNA Project; this blog is the latest version of my blogging history and this blog if you read through it broadly speaking is concerned with business, management, leadership and business strategy.  These are the things that interest me most in a business & work environment and can make the most impact so far as I’m concerned on the relative success of a commercial operation.

I’ve also had blogs of a more general life-style nature where I express my personal opinions, not necessarily a good idea for generating commercial interest but a great way of getting things off your chest and perhaps getting, in some cases at least, really useful and helpful advice on how to handle and deal with awkward situations through the feed-back channels.

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The question however is does blogging qualify as writing?

I suppose in a simple and plain way of answering, it quite obviously is writing, the blogger writes as a process, they create content. But most people think of writing as something often way more substantial than a blog post.  My blog posts are typically in the 500 – 700 word count region (648 in this blog post) and so would not qualify even by my somewhat lax standards as writing as such.

None-the-less, taken as a whole can a blog qualify as writing?

Well my answer to this question is a resounding YES! Yes it does and yes it can.

Okay so why do I really blog?

FINNA Project is all about giving back for me. Giving back (or paying forward if you like) to anybody who might find some form of advantage from what I write. I draw in part on my MBA studies, so the content should at least pass muster on a business management/leadership platform you’d think.  I know I think it’s okay when I read it back over and so I’m more than happy to put my name to what I’ve written in my blog.

I’m about to launch a new blog on which will also be the website for my new business. The new business will be an e-retailer providing great tasting products in a jar to the discerning customer looking for the ease and convenience of great products sourced from across Europe delivered direct to their door either as a one-off purchase or through an agreed monthly delivery service.

The blog part of this business will be a life-style type blog giving really useful general information about the products that Jar of Goodness can provide including recipes, advice about the health benefits of the products, news and information about the places the products originate from and news about Jar of Goodness activities.

Supporting this blog will be a Twitter & Facebook feed and other social media content. Essentially the social media feeds will drive people to the blog which gives really great and interesting information or content to use the correct term about the products that Jar of Goodness support and supply.  In turn I expect the blog to drive people into being interested enough to make a purchase. From that point on the blog is there to reinforce the customer experience and to encourage the customer to become a longer-term subscriber to a monthly delivery of fantastic products.

As for if I class this as writing, well, I do.

Following FINNA Project and the more specific blog there will be a book about the process of leadership and how this fits with running a business and launching a small business as well.

As with the blog I think the book may well drive people into the blog and eventually onto making purchases.

Is Blogging Writing? Yes

Is Blogging Important in business? Yes and growing in importance!

Do I think that people should blog? Yes, everyone should have a blog.

Thanks for reading.


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