Be Bold; Business Promotion Plan

Be Bold & Promote Your Business

Okay, we’re all familiar with the idea of promotion = more sales I’m sure. But many won’t actually get involved in it; fear I guess is at the heart of why they don’t or won’t but the questions to ask yourself are;

Do I actually want my business to do well? To attract more customers? To keep the customers we’ve got?

The answer should be yes. If not you’re reading the wrong blog post here, you should be spending time looking for a new job someplace else.

In most cases people are working within a larger organisation and it’ll have a specialist function called the sales and marketing department or some other equally scintillating title. These are the people your business relies on to get those new customers coming through the door and spending some money on your products and services. But what about if you have your own small business? Who does it then?

The answer is; YOU!

Yes, that’s right you do it, it’s down to you and you alone to do that marketing stuff, nobody else. And unless you have that killer product or service that nobody else offers and everybody knows you are the only go-to person on the planet for it you are going to have to get stuck in to promoting what your company does.

So here’s the plan;


Post one – three items per day on social media and make sure the posts are helpful to your customer’s needs. If you get a question try to give a constructive answer and then touch base with those you’ve tried to help to see how it went.

You need one or maybe two metrics only; no more than that.

share learn


Ask for help or joint promotions form companies that can help you like a key supplier. Make absolutely certain that you help them too.

Maintain communications with all prospects until they convert to a customer or really say they don’t want your product or service.

At the Very Least Monthly

Check with existing customers that you are delivering value and they are still happy. The right question to ask is “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

If you have an upcoming event or contest or product launch communicate this specifically to your customers, prospects and followers.

Every Now and Then

Have a look at your own business to try to find the opportunities that you’re missing and turning them into active projects.

Always have something on the go, something you’re working towards rather than reacting to things as they appear.

Follow this (simple) plan and new prospects should convert into sales.

Thanks for reading.


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