Get the habit of seeking out enough


It’s important in life to know, really deep down know when you have enough of something, anything, and everything. I stress this point again KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE ENOUGH!

This means that you should know when you don’t have enough and when you have too much. Sounds simple? Yeah, so did I till I really thought it through. When will I know when I’ve got enough? But enough what? Money? Success? Talent? Time? A big enough house? A flashy enough car? What, enough of what? Yep you should have it by now, having enough is unique to each and every one of us. Only you will know when you have enough.

Having enough is a journey we all must undertake in the full knowledge we are seeking out enough. Having enough is about FINNA, it’s about being contented with your life and the things and people you’re surrounded by.

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Some founding principles of getting to the point when you have enough;

Be of Service; this is the only basis on which an organisation should be founded. Service is the very heart beat of an organisation. Making you customers, their customers and your staff happy through exemplary service is your # 1 aim each and every day, no exceptions, # 1!

Take moral responsibility for your actions and omissions; fairly easy this one, don’t cheat, don’t lie, and don’t deceive. Tell the truth, be honest and do not ever, ever, ever misrepresent yourself or your organisation (you will be found out one day, and when that day comes OH Boy is it gonna be a bad day at the office for you).

Aspiration is a way of life. When you get up in the morning, just before you go to bed and throughout the day aspire to better. A better you, a better team, a better organisation… Know your goal, know where you are at present and know how you are going to get there. Persistent aspiration is the secret of personal and organisational success of any and all kinds.

Offer individuals the opportunity for personal growth within the organisation. Be honest if you could not find a way of personally growing in your role, in your organisation would it be worth getting up in the morning and going to this place of stagnation? No! Didn’t think so! So offer opportunity to others and make their contributions worthwhile.

Profit is not a dirty word. Profit is a derivative of what you and your organisation does. No activity, no profit. One equals the other.

Dedication; do stuff, work hard, be courteous and most of all be the best. It’s often said that being the best is one of the least crowded places to be, I agree so be the best. It’s so much easier to stand out from the crowd when it’s not actually crowded!

Business Basics 101; out work the competition!

1st line managers are your source of advantage over any other competitive organisation. This is a fact! Those people who make it happen are the ones you must place central in your strategy. Your strategy should be doing stuff really well! Without them you will not be the best, you will not work hard, you will not have an organisation dedicated to doing stuff and being the very best.

Be obsessive about social factors and be memorable. The world is a social place, even more so today than yesterday and tomorrow will be even more social than today. To stand out you have to be memorable and to be memorable you have to be sociable. Communicate with your employees, communicate with your customers, communicate with their customers and tell a memorable story when you do.

Listen, listen way more than you talk and when you’ve listened implement what you’ve learnt.

Sweat, then sweat again then sweat again the details. The details are where you are at. Detail is your business, details are knowledge. Details are understanding where you are at present and knowing where you want to be and knowing how you are going to get there. SWEAT THE DETAILS!

Be on the offensive, look for opportunity, look for solutions, and communicate! Tell your story, tell it loud, make it memorable, and make it relevant, use it to actively seek out customers, better staff, and better opportunities.

Brand your world; again I got this from someplace else but it’s catchy; Distinct or Extinct! It’s a great phrase, and a great way of saying you have to be special, memorable, known, have an understanding of your environment.

KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE ENOUGH! This is where we started on this blog post. Knowing when you have enough is about your life-plan, about your starting place, finishing place and the plan to get there. It’s by no means simple but KNOWING WHEN YOU HAVE ENOUGH is FINNA.

Thanks for reading.


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