If you can’t explain your position in eight words or less, you don’t have a positionSeth Godin; Speaker, Entrepreneur, Blogger.

I am the only person who does what I do! This may seem like a really grand and big claim but just stop and think about it a moment or two. Who else does what I do? Got it, nobody. A lot of people do something similar I’m willing to agree, but nobody does what I do.

I have the power to make a dramatic difference to the experience my team have and consequently our customers have. For those who say that we’re engineers, we’re operatives, we’re managers, we just answer the phone and pass the call on; for those who say these things I have one single suggestion;



If for any reason you do not believe you have the ability to make a difference, a positive difference, to the experience of those around you then stop immediately what you’re doing because you are not doing it right. You need to figure out what you are doing, who for and who is going to benefit from your excellent service and then provide that service.

We must all seek out the opportunity to deliver dramatically excellent service for our team and customers. We are the only ones who can by the way. Nobody else does what we do so we should always do it as well as we possibly can. Absolutely no exceptions.

Excellence is the key, it’s a game-changer for sure. Providing outstandingly awesome service will bring customers back for more, will keep your team really happy to be doing what they are doing. Your aim should be to change your bit of the world each and every day, to improve it beyond where you found it at the start of the day.

Look for the client who is demanding, look for the client who is small or medium sized, look for the client who needs just that bit extra or special service. It is these clients that make you and your team so excellent, it is these clients that make you stretch and get used to being stretched, it is these clients that will make you unfailingly aim for change and for better.

But those clients who are just plain hard work, don’t want change, just a lower cost, those clients who will keep coming back even when they say they won’t. Then these clients are not worth having, get rid of them, life is just too short to be working with or for idiots.

Your # 1 tool is communication and you do this at every contact you have with your team and customers. This is marketing at its most basic. Communicating with your team and customers means that information is flowing, normally in both directions. Those who believe that marketing is useless, is a needless expense, has become a commodity, Fire Them on the Spot!

FINNA says of this principal of seeking out challenges that you must be radical in your opinion, in your actions and in your results. The idea of being radical can seem a bit scary but just think about those moments in your life when you came across outstanding new products or services. How did you feel? The first iPhone you owned, the first Tablet computer, the first flat screen TV, the first time you did your banking or grocery shopping on-line. These were big changes to the way you experienced your life and they made you feel better.

FINNA is clear that you can replicate this sensation each and every time you deliver your product or service.

So what about those eight words? What does FINNA stand for in eight words or less?

Contentment, Success, Achievement, Leadership, Advice, Freedom, Happiness

There you go 7 words, still got 1 to spare!

Thanks for reading.


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