Reasons to talk

Why kill time?

A well told story of one starving child will get more reaction than the account of one hundred thousand nameless victims of famine” Poffenberger 1925

The way in which products and services are offered will markedly affect how your audience perceive the value to them of what you are offering. A simple example being the glass half-full/empty scenario. What is it to be? Filled half way may be the fact but how it’s framed for the audience makes all the difference.

Parishioner 1; “I asked the Priest if I could smoke whilst praying and he said No

Parishioner 2; “that’s strange because I asked the Priest if I could pray whilst smoking and he said Yes



By convincing customers to see what you are offering in an unusual or different way you can disrupt the normal logic to the point where you have a product or service that has value where it previously didn’t. Seek to associate your product or service with those features and benefits that the customer sees as positive. But be very careful, by seeking to persuade a person away from a product they are committed too even if their choice is not optimal for them you can inadvertently reinforce their commitment as they seek to defend their previous choice.

Use stories to sell your product; stories are effective in many ways, they reach out to the emotions of the buyer making them memorable. Stories put facts into context. The story will generally lead people to think about the example given rather than evidence. But most importantly a story does not directly attack a person’s beliefs so meaning the mental argument for or against is much less likely to happen.

Offer credit for existing owned products. By offering a value for already owned products as part of the purchase exchange the barrier of ownership is potentially broken. Of course it’s much simpler all-round to offer a discount or a voucher system, but honestly by displacing the existing product you still give the discount and the only option for use the customer has is your product.

Good news stories; when deciding on how to pitch your product or service it is important to recognise the importance of resistance that will be met. But, and I say this loud, when pitching always give the good news first. Counter the bad news and finish with good news. If you expect to encounter resistance then you should concentrate on providing indirect conclusions to counter. Direct conclusion can cause people to feel the potential for loss of freedom of choice and they stay with the existing supplier or service provider. If on the other hand you don’t expect to encounter resistance then a direct approach is often more effective. If you don’t expect to encounter resistance then the purchaser probably doesn’t have a strong relationship to the product or service and thus this is much easier to shake off.

Right, so why the question why kill time?

The answer is not obvious I would agree but if I can explain.

This blog post is about advertising, and communicating with customers about your product or service which may in fact not be much different to your competitors. I seek to offer advice on how to combat this difficulty.

The reality is that by overlooking this fact, that you have a product or service that is not much different from the competition and you are not on your own here at all then you have to find some way of standing out. Plainly the product won’t do it for you. You will have to do it for you.

You cannot in these circumstances afford to sit back and do nothing. You don’t have enough time in the day to communicate if you don’t have a uniqueness to your product. You sit back and expect it to happen, kill time so to speak and you may as well kill your product. Your business will not survive; fact!

What you must do is keep in mind your aims and goals. Keep in mind what you are selling and find the uniqueness of your product and sell that. Sell the benefits and features of your product. But be very aware you are not on your own doing this. On a planet with around 7 billion people you are very unlikely to be the only person doing what you do so you have to communicate. Advertising, Marketing, Interactions… these are the facts of doing business.

Communicate, communicate well, communicate the importance of what you have to say, communicate your experience, communicate, communicate, communicate…

FINNA = contentedness = achievement = hard-work

The hard work here is the staying with it, be committed to your product and service.

Thank you for reading.


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