A chance moment to accept a change is going to happen


There are moments that act as mile-stones or markers in your life. Moments when you realise (after the event) that nothing will ever be the same again. Your life is divided into before and after. Often times you know somethings going to happen, a change is on the way.

The real test is how you deal with it, this unknown detail of significant change, what are you going to do? Run, hide and avoid; after all it could be bad. Or, are you going to be strong, move forward towards the change, straight ahead, no deviation, no matter what you’re going to find; after all it could be good.

The nature of change is that it happens, it happens all the time and to a large extent you have no power over the oncoming wave of change that is and will envelop you. But there are ways in which you can organise your thoughts about the change and make some sense of the changes that happen.

Change is a process; a start, an end and a middle, inputs and outputs. Processes that are instigated normally in organisations are structured and so the process of change in these environments is an ordered, structure change process. This normally is not what I’d associate with the mile-stone kind of change that comes out of the blue. This kind of change you can affect and effect, you can make the change to do with yourself or about others or both. This kind of change is predictable (if you stick to the plan).

Systematic change; some organisations and people work on the basis of change being a constant presence. Indeed ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems require change to take place. Again this will not be a mile-stone kind of change to you. It’s just a reflection of the changing nature of the business and organisation you’re working in.

Significant change, the mile-stone kind of change comes out of the blue but sometimes you know something’s going to happen. Birth of a Child, Marriage, New Job, New Home, a Religious Conversion, a Serious Accident, A Divorce, a Death… there will also be those other more esoteric experiences that are unique in nature, something that is impossible to explain here in a blog post but I’m sure you’ll understand what I’m driving at, those mental mind-shifts that are massive on the inside with no immediate or obvious external indication. Those Eureka moments if you like or those moments of total dread of realisation, those are the most significant changes because these are the ones that catch you out every time.


Okay, so we all have them I know. And we can’t do anything about them I know that too.

It’s how you deal with them that really makes the difference. How you deal with them is the deal maker moment.

Like I’ve said you can run and hide, turn the other way, it’s an option sure. But you will not be a brave person. You will not discover the excitement of the new. You will not rise to the challenge. And YOU WILL NOT FIND CONTENTMENT!

Right so you could take the risk and meet the change (that by the way will be visited on you no matter what you do about it) you meet the change head-on. The risk I tell you is in the refusal not to meet the change, that’s the real risk, doing nothing and hiding. Meet the challenge, risk that you are not able to rise to the challenge but if you do, and you do, what a chance it’ll be.

Your life will have a division, before the change and after the change and if you do meet the change head-on, and you refuse to be cowed and you make the very most of the change, well then you will have success, you will find contentment or at least move some way toward it. You will find you are closer to achieving your dreams.

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