The Warmth of the Old, the Thrill of the New

As the phrase intends to suggest ‘the warmth of the old’ is a place of familiarity and comfort, a place of safe haven where you know what’s going on, what’s happening and your place in the scheme of things. A warm place, what’s not to like about cosy?

Nothing, cosy is a nice place to be.

Everything, cosy is safe and unchallenged.

Your answer? I know mine, I like a bit of warmth from time-to-time but the challenge is where I’m at. The thrill of the new, WOW! What’s not to like about the thrill of the new?

Nothing, new is great, it’s bright, it shines, and it’s just new.

There’s nothing not to like about the thrill of the new.

The warmth of the old is about yesterday, the past. Don’t ever forget the past, it does inform the future usually and will help with planning for the future. But the past is just that, it’s gone, it’s over, and it’s past! Never to be repeated or got back, what’s in the past cannot be retrieved. The past is not for the bold or the brave, it’s a place of reminiscence, comforting and warm and safe. Old glories shine all the brighter and old failures diminish with time.

The past is dull and uninspiring, period.

choose life

The specialness of the new, the thrill, the excitement, the newness can do nothing but inspire and motivate you and those you can affect to strive, to work hard and consider the possibility that things and life will be better. That dreams will be fulfilled, that as FINNA suggests that you will be more likely to find contentment and completeness by seeking out the thrill of the new.

Be warned tho, that the thrill of the new can bring a guilt if you do not approach the new with caution. Do not strive for greatness at the expense of everyone else, you may achieve your own greatness this way but that stinging feeling in the back of your mind is your conscience being pricked. To win when all others lose is not to win.

You have to treat those around you as full and trusted team members though they may be transient in your team, remain faithful to them and everybody wins.

By involving others to share in your adventure in the new you remove the chance that your conscience will pin you down, you will be at one with yourself or as close as.

By following the FINNA way into the light of the new you come out of the shadows, you have no need to keep looking back for if you do you will trip and fall.

You are in the present at a cross-roads of time; look backwards to the warmth of the old, look forwards to the thrill of the new. The past is out of reach to us all, the future on the other hand is rushing towards us like it or not so take the chance and reach for the thrills.

Thank you for reading.


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