Your Limits are Your Business

“I am not made like any of those I have seen. I venture to believe that I am not made like any of those who are in existence. If I am not better, at least I am different.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I echo the sentiment and feeling, I too am an individual who may be judged as better, but if not better, then I am without question different. Rousseau himself could be seen as responsible for the continental liberal movement, not the same I might add as the English equivalent but concerned with revolt against the incumbent governing bodies.

I am not for one moment suggesting open revolt other than a revolt against the status quo, against what has always been for if we repeat the past we make the mistakes as of the past again and again and again. What I am advocating is a revolt against what you and we are today so that we may go and make new mistakes and by implication new successes. By breaking new ground in aspiration we change forever the landscape of our dreams.

You may accept the dreams you have and accomplish so far as you can those dreams believing them to be the only dreams you may have. Not so, you may, indeed I encourage you, I implore you to find and dream new dreams, to reach out to those corners of your imagination where the unreal exists and dream the unrealistic as if it were real.

Only by stretching to our mental limits will we truly know where they are. You are stronger and more talented than you will ever know, we find so many ways to deceive ourselves into believing we are what we pretend to be.


Exercise to try;

Hold your breath and time how long you can hold it for; not so long eh?

Now with that time in mind, remove the watch, get in a full bath of water and get yourself submerged, get someone to time you and tell you when you’ve exceeded your past record. You will exceed that record, guaranteed!

Your limits are only what you impose on yourself.

Rent or buy the film Gattaca, the story of a person (Vincent Freeman) in the future who dared to dream he could exceed his destiny. It’s an inspiration, watch the scene when he out swims his brother, that could be you.

Okay so how does this have anything to do with FINNA? How does the near constant turmoil of searching and dreaming and demanding of yourself add to the sense of contentment, of completion?

The answer is simple; you will always be in constant turmoil no matter who is having and making the dreams come true, only if they are your dreams then you will be the one making the demands of yourself and not having them imposed. It will be your dreams you are seeking out and fulfilling not those of someone else. And that has got to be better than having to meet the demands of others.

Those others may well not judge you to be better than them, or better than if you had followed their dreams ad goals but honestly ask yourself, will you judge yourself in this way, will you not be both better and different?

Thank you very much for reading.


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