Self for Sale!

YOU are for SALE!

Do YOU own or manage a business? Are YOU the business?

What do you sell? Do you sell products? Services? Processing?

Well you may sell all or some of these things but you also sell yourself. Yes that’s right the person buying is not only buying form you they are also buying you as a person. You have to get your point across and your ideas and to do this you sell yourself.

See things from your customer’s point of view, present you solution or case which addresses their need in such a way that highlights the benefits they are looking for and that you can deliver on. Comprehend and deal with their objections in an organised and non-confrontational style.

FINNA also says research is a must. In the age of data, the age of the internet where everybody has a web page telling you who they are and what they’re about not to research is almost criminal negligence. The effects of failing to research will be visited on you in cost and missed opportunity time and again, I promise. So anticipate obstacles and be prepared but please do remember, an argument is not what you’re selling. Have the answers, find common ground and make an agreement.

Close the Deal!

Sounds a cinch? Well let me tell you it’s far from easy. Selling is possibly one of the hardest tasks you will have to do as a leader, but sell you will. Selling yourself is harder still. You have to be honest whilst understanding the sale is all about the other person’s perceptions.

Impossible to pull-off? Not so!

Keep in mind that you are there to influence their perception in an effort to make a sale. Concentrate on the positives, allow them to contribute, they will like to hear their own voice but don’t let them dominate you’re there to sell.

Be authentic, offer openness and be trusting but maintain your integrity. Don’t be afraid to admit that some business is bad business and walk away (quickly, no looking back). Figure out what is really going to matter to your customer and align it to what really matters to you.

Sell YOU because you are your product, you are your very own real-deal. You are the one who will find the solutions for your customer and your needs.

Sell YOU!

Thanks for reading.


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