NOW, Decide NOW!

Decide on NOW

You know how it goes; you have a great idea, a real game changer and then you think to yourself just hold on a minute, let’s just wait for that perfect moment, the sweet time to do it. And then…. Yes that’s right it never happens, the perfect moment just doesn’t come around like you expected it would.

Well that’s how it goes. Each and every time, that’s how it goes.

FINNA logic says wait and consider which is totally correct, think it through but once satisfied you have over half the answers then go for it and make it happen. FINNA also tells us that the other half of the answers will find themselves so don’t worry too much about the detail, get on with the job of making changes, improvements, innovations… make it happen!

FINNA says that there will NEVER be a perfect moment. But FINNA also says that what is past is past, it’s gone never to be got back, so any perfect moment in retrospect is lost, never to be repeated. The future is an altogether different proposition, it hasn’t happened, may never will, it’s not predictable. Oh you may think you know what will happen but honestly it’s a best guess based on past experiences.

Decide on NOW! It’s the only way, the only option for a chance at the most appropriate moment to do something new, innovative. It may not be perfect but honestly it’s as good as it gets.

Thinking that there will be a better or even perfect moment is self-delusion, the sort of mental trick you play on yourself all the time to make sure that you don’t take risks. The perfect time will never just exist you have to work at it and make it happen.

Success is generally speaking a result of hard work and application coupled with persistence and a bit of good luck. Success does not wait for no man or woman, you have to grab at it, hold on and make it turn to your will. You hold the power of your own success, you can decide on when you want to make changes you can decide that now is the right time.

Decide that today is the right time for you, the right time to begin making your dreams a reality. Take those first steps to change, those first tentative steps on development of self, teams, partnerships, business, organisation…

Decide on NOW.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this blog post.


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