Bring on the Chaos

Chaos is Order

Disorder, randomness, variation, irregularity… These are the words most if not all Managers dread but which Leaders embrace and encourage.

By accepting the very nature of the world; that life is in constant flux, that change is inevitable, the life is in a state of chaos we can then move to a place where we are able to comprehend and make some sense of the world we and our organisation inhabit. We are faced then with the choice of control over our destiny or leave our destiny to the winds of chance.

FINNA accepts this paradigm and embraces a process view. Systems, management systems are constantly changing as a result of interactions with the flow of information, matter and energy from the external environment. FINNA understand the world to be in constant flux; short term structures and systems of a dynamic nature are temporarily born, live and die. Order emerges from disorder and self-destructs over time as the system no longer meets the dynamic needs of the organisation.

Gaia Hypothesis provides a guiding light about the chaos and order that flows and is informative. Gaia proposes that living organisms interact with non-living things and become co-dependant over time as changes happen to each. And so it is in life as a whole; Chaotic situations synthesis into ordered situation expressed as;

Sensitive Dependence

Strange Attractions



Edge of chaos

Fitness landscape

Whichever phrase suits you it is safe to say that whichever method or system you choose to adopt will become more unpredictable in the medium moving into the long term. All life, personal, family, group, organisational, national and international is governed by the constant minute often time changes in the environment.

The reality is that management systems that are lasting and valuable are actually behaviours that are complex and adaptive, capable of self-organisation. Order should on the face of it rise almost spontaneously from the mother of chaos.

So FINNA implores you to embrace open systems which are inherently capable of self-organising into a newer form of order, evolving greater levels of complexity. Novel patterns of behaviour should be encouraged so that the spontaneous self-organisation is quickly attained. But… and I stress this is important, life is a shifting landscape and points of view, perspectives of yourself and other will change through the passage of time.  Where you were once looking out from a peak one day will the very next be at the bottom of a valley. When you are high up drink the view with an open gaze, you will need this view when you hit the valleys.

The absence of a strict hierarchy and tight controls does not mean that things will immediately fall apart. Embrace the chaos, trust in the chaos and allow evolution to take place. It will anyway so get of the way, this is a natural process and natural balance will emerge. The need you feel to carry the burden of planning, organising and controlling everything all of the time should be set aside, it’s a load you need not carry.

FINNA methodology is to abandon mechanistic and deterministic thinking so that you can fully appreciate and cope with dynamic relationships and unpredictability. You should seek to coevolve with your environment meaning that being prepared to evolve and respond, quickly adapting so that opportunities can be grasped as they present themselves will give you the very best outcomes possible.

The most important things you can do is to encourage exploration, learning, diversity and variety of opinion.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post.


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