Fake It Till You Make It

Act the Change!

Let me begin with a question; how do you feel right now?

The answer of course for each of us is unique to us. The ‘right’ answer if there is one is that the most natural feeling is one of total and absolute one-ness, inner peace if you like to call it that.

Too often we ignore this one-ness feeling and see the world as a mirror image. We put the material features of our lives ahead of our inner feelings. “If I can get the better job, the bigger car, the bigger house I can look important and I can be somebody”. These may not be the actual words going through your head but probably something similar is.

FINNA Ethos is about being content, about having enough but not more than you need, this will lead to a life of one-ness, of being content with yourself, with those around you and with the things you own. But, it’s very important, I cannot say just how important to say that the things you own are transitory, important in the moment but not fundamentally necessary to life itself. They are the things that enable comfort in your life; important but not essential.

The trick…

Move your thinking from GET-DO-BE to BE-DO-GET and you will achieve calm in your life, an inner calm, contentment.

How long does this change take to happen?

Less than a moment, one single heartbeat, yes just one solitary, single heartbeat is all it takes. All you have to do is embrace, make it happen the single most life-transforming mental attitude;

Act like the change has happened!

Crazy idea? Maybe but what do you honestly think?

You believe it, well go and do it, in fact you’re probably not reading this blog, you don’t need to read this blog, stop now and go and be content.

You don’t believe it possible and never will. Stop reading this blog, you don’t need this blog ( I actually think you probably need this blog more than you will ever know but I’m not the person who’s going to convince you that you do need this blog).

Yeah, crazy idea but it might have some legs, let’s see where it goes; If you are this kind of person you probably don’t accept that life is binary, that life is black and white, right or wrong. These are just words in a blog post, no evidence just some faceless crazy telling you how to improve your life and I can accept this as a very valid point of view.

This idea of ‘fake it till you make it’ is just a way of thinking but the first time I came across it I just thought WOW, how can this work for me? And then in a heartbeat realised all I had to do was believe it and then act it and that was it. So when I want to change something I act as if it’s already happened. Using this method I’ve repaired old friendships and developed new business with companies that previously we would never thought to have approached.

Thoughts of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ are not part of the equation. The reality is that by thinking that its possible I then do it.

But hey does this mean that we will always get what we want? No, of course not. It’s a frame of mind that keeps us positive in thought and being positive pays-off. We’re healthier, we recover more quickly, we bounce-back from negative outcomes, we develop new relationships, we make more friends, we recover more lapsed relationships…


Experience; what we know from what has happened in the past. This will colour our views and opinions. It will significantly determine how we see the world.

Knowledge; what we know from what has happened to us in the past…

Imagination; reality is what we imagine it to be because we load our lives with emotional intensity. Our imaginations determine how we feel and how we feel determines what our future experiences and knowledge will be.

Imagine a positive future and sure enough the future will look immediately better and brighter. By visualising a future state that we want, that brings us contentment our minds map the journey we have to take, we will be armed with a plan for achievement. We allow ourselves to explore our realities in ways that lead towards being content with life, outcomes and achievements’.

Thank you for reading this blog post.


Thank You for reading, please leave a reply or comment.

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