A Return Ticket to the Future Please

A Return Ticket to the Future

After the last blog post which I have to admit was very dry in nature I thought I’d just step back a little bit. The first post was about the overall ethos of FINNA and the second post was about strategic thinking; complexity. This post is about what FINNA really means.

Unlike books this blog can only be followed as a linear read, start at the beginning and read up-dates as they are posted, that’s the nature and shortcomings of blogs. This is not my first blog but I’d still say I’m still fresh to the process of sharing thoughts and ideas via a blog.

FINNA is about being content with outcomes, indeed FINNA is a Swedish word meaning find. But it also means so much more than find, it means being content and is associated with other words like;

Come upon, discover, think, feel, meet with…

So FINNA is really about finding that place that you are most contended with, which is a very long way of saying success. Not my success but your success.

I may be naïve but I wanted to make this blog as different as everyone who may read it, as exciting as I can make a blog and most of all personal to you. After all success is a very personal and unique experience.

FINNA therefore is a project, a project about development. When I first began to think about development I only ever thought about myself, my thinking not unreasonably was centric to me. But after some time I came to realise that success is about much more than just my experiences it’s about;

  1. People – these are others who define themselves as self in their own right
  2. Teams – these could be your work team or a team of people in your chosen charity work
  3. Company – a bit more obvious this one, it’s the organisation you work for
  4. Culture – this is a very wide aspect of your life, it’s the way you think and do the things you do
  5. Skills – yours, people and teams
  6. Career – again yours, people and teams
  7. Self – you, who you are, what you are, how you see yourself

Each post is stand-alone and can be used to view any of the above 7 aspects of life and development. FINNA seeks to illuminate with the light of simplicity that which is inherently complex. And so far as possible be pragmatic and clear in approach.

So why the blog title?

A Return Ticket to the Future

As I’ve just written, FINNA is about completing and being satisfied with your efforts and where you’ve arrived at. I alluded to it in the very first post, all you have to do is imagine where you want to be in the future, understand where you are now relative to this imagined future state and then quantify how you are going to get there.

It’s a system, a system that sounds like a simple formula for guaranteed success and reading this I’d possibly think you’d agree. But it’s not simple in practice, the first and last bits are, it’s the stuff in the middle, the actually making the changes stuff and sticking to them or deciding that they’re not working for you or they are, that’s the really difficult stuff.

So… the system;

  1. Know your starting point, be honest with yourself on where you are in your life; this is owning yourself, owning your past successes and your past failures both of which there will be many
  2. Decide on your desired end point, this is really about your dreams for you choose to be success, the only thing about these is they should be big, ambitious and challenging but not unachievable
  3. What are you going to do to make your dreams come true? This is fundamentally about your choices and closing down the options so that you take the right path to your chosen dream state
  4. The last bit of course is the doing, this is the difficult bit but be persistent, it’s impossible to say how important persistence is, by being persistent in your search for success you will be successful

I’m not claiming this idea as my own, far from it. This is a formula that was developed in The Naked Leader, Author David Taylor and he too does not claim it as his own but I read the book in 2003 (I still have the copy) and have used it as reference and learning material ever since.

So go ahead, buy your return ticket to the future, decide on your dreams and begin to set about working out what your starting point is.

One final thing before I sign-off for this post; If not now, then when?

Thank you very much for reading this far and I hope this post was a help.


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